moonlingo IPM™ is a privately-held intellectual property management entity specializing in the creation, publication, distribution, and licensing of creative works and performances in both digital and hardcopy mediums.

Names and services currently owned and managed by moonlingo IPM include "moonlingo"™ - "radioarcana" © & ™ - "ranchoarcana"© & ™ - "the8six8.rocks"™ - and "Postcards From The Water Planet"© & ™

Fictional names and personalities used in literary, journalistic, audio/visual, and commercial endeavors owned or managed by moonlingo IPM include works in specific contexts authored by or featuring "D. Brychin Estes/Bryce Estes"© "Greeley"© and "Radio Station XEXS"©

Intellectual property rights owned and managed by moonlingo IPM are governed by the copyright and trademark/servicemark laws of the United States and internationally under the auspices of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and other applicable treaties.

Licensing arrangements, when indicated, include provisions offered under a variety of Creative Commons terms and conditions, in addition to more traditional and exclusive terms and conditions, depending on the nature of the materials and the intentions of the creators/owners of such materials.

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Please note: We are not seeking clients at this time, nor do we accept unsolicited works without a legal agreement in place to govern the management of such materials. Thank you for your understanding.

The dancing colophon moonlingo logois a trademark of moonlingo IPM.